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Previously, on Heroes...

[Special liveblog from the wireless-enabled house of snidegrrl and bizarrojack! Last updated: 10:01 PM]

* Previously: "And they're still out there, among us..."
* Plague which targets heroes!
* Speech, small audience. Hey, the guy from The Nine. Offering a job? "Where will you go, Dr. Suresh? no one even knows they exist."
* Maya and Alejandro. "If we get caught, people could die." HOMICIDIO
* Yay Claire and Bennet. "Trust me, the Company is still out there." Can't be extraordinary.
* Hee, Costa Verde High School.
* Wants her own car. Yay keys!
* Hi, Hiro. Red sky at night, big samurai fight! Eclipse? "Not again!" "The past isn't a very safe place." Takezo Kensei!
* Parkman! A cop again! Oh, hee, training facility. Yay!
* "Are you one of them, or on of the others?" Robots vs. aliens. (He's totally a real alien.)
* Castro?
* Molly's struggling. Divorce? Creepy drawings. The eyes again! Symbol in ever picture.
* Ando and Mr. Nakamura! Keeping watch for Hiro! AWWW.
* EEE torn up old pic! "In twenty-four horus, I will be dead."
* Oh, hi Nathan. "It's time to move on, Nathan. He's dead." "You're evil, Mom."
* EEE pic.
* Heh, not Kensei? He's a white guy! No hero!
* [This commercial looks familiar..]
* Copy Kingdom!
* The Company founded thirty years ago. "We find people, and we make sure they don't become dangerous." Willing to kill for the greater good, admittedly. "And now you have Molly." Offering to help. Virus killed Shanti? Midas touch!
* Hiding in Mohinder's apartment. Molly's downright precocious. Doesn't want to talk about dreams. At all.
* Maya thinks God did it to her. Uh oh.
* Evil cheerleaders! Back tuck off the tower, huh?
* Listening in on her dreams? "I CAN SEE YOU." (Sauron?)
* (Kim totally called the jump.)
* Hee, coffee break. Yay Bennet.
* English! "Thank god for you young man." Ambushes people with a body double. "The future? That's a good one."
* Ah, rooftop. "All of them are very powerful." "If we are going to fight, then I am gong to need a sword."
* Oh, hi Mrs. Petrelli. "Now there are nine." Repay the people they've killed. "How did you help your son?" Slap! Leaving for Japan.
* Bandits. "These things happen." Slap! And a punch, Hiro's only weakness. "This is going to be tough."
* [And hey, let's get that commercial three more times.]
* "Anything interesting happen today at Copy Kingdom?"
* "We're all flourishing, really." Except Mr. Muggles!
* Mohinder was bait! "And you and I will bring this whole Company down."
* Castro's dead. All dead! Bleeding from the eyes. "I didn't want to do it." Only the doctor can help.
* Calling Nathan! "I know why you're doing this. I get it. I miss him too."
* Mirror! Is it Peter?
* Flying! (Jack: "just like in Lost Boys.")
* Hooded killer? "I never expected it would be you." And over he edge. Only one body!
* Cork, Ireland. Criminals. Looking for a trailer. Empty? Except for... Peter! "Who are you?" "I don't know."

This season: "the box with your identity in it"

Not bad! Not killer, but I think they're laying the groundwork. Way to spoil the stuff in the upcoming scenes, though, guys.
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