PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

On this day in 1792, highwayman Nicolas Jacques Pelletier became the first person under French law to be executed by the guillotine.

Victory: the other night, RQ got home late from work, so she asked me to tape X-Men: Evolution while she was making dinner. Another convert, aw yeah.

In working a couple mix tapes, I have uncovered the majority of my music collection is:
1.) soundtracks,
2.) gothy, slowly sliding into the techno-dancey,
3.) covers.
I'm not sure what to say about this.

1.) Bulletproof Monk - It's fun. Not deep, but enjoyable in a goofy way. Some of the action is even entirely adequate. Man, Chow Yun-Fat can speak English now. And that chick is hott. [Also, when I see the Hellboy movie, I can now say where I saw two of the stars before. ]
2.) For a Few Dollars More - Yes,I've seen it before, but it was tze bebe's first Clint Eastwood movie, so I wanted to record it for posterity. And whoah, Klaus Kinski.
3.) Laurel Canyon - Very interesting movie, great acting jobs by everyone involved. Having trouble explaining why I really liked it. it's just felt very 'complete' (despite having a favorite feature: an ending where not everything is resolved.) Well worth seeing, especially for fans of Christian Bale and Frances McDormand.

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