PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yesterday's wedding for was pretty damn magnificent. A large number of people came decked out in pirate-y regalia. The site was nice, the ceremony was both amusing and touching. Had it only been a little cooler or the place been a little air-conditioned, I would be forced to declare it a perfect day. Instead, I fear I can only call it a nigh-perfect day. Best wishes to them both in their new life. We got to meet cool new people and spend time with friends new and old. A great time for all. Other people are putting pics up elsewhere on the inter-webs. I might steal any good ones of me, if any good ones of me came out. [EDIT: M. put pics up here.]

In other personal news updates, we do in fact now have Kira the Kitten. It's a mighty hunter, and if last night was any inclination, has a proclivity for attacking feet during the night. M. has some pics up here The other instructive tale came last night. Three days after being fixed, she totally wasn't following doctor's orders, and was tearing around the house at top speed (we were watching TV, so it wasn't our fault.) She rounds the corner of the coffee table, bounds once on to the couch cushion, bounces from there onto my stomach, and bounds from there off the couch and back into her speeding loop. The kitty, I fear, is mighty and crazy.

Tags: 2007, cat, not news, pics

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