PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Current nicknames:
tze bebe = Ivana von Stinkenstein
Stalin = Tadzu
Mary = Tiny

* I'm almost amused. Bush declares it "the year of clean water" then does this.
* Good lord, people. Get a freekin' grip.
* God bless the new age of protesting.
* Gephardt reveals his plans for universal health care.
* Crazy economy talk from Martin Hutchinson. Must read for economic fans!
* More blasts from the past: Shoko Asahara may be sentenced to death shortly.
* In local news, Ehrlich has declared he's a success. Good work!
* I love America, because in America, this counts as news: "Hockey puck downs actor Alan Thicke."
Tags: 2003, bebe, news, not news

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