PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: "You make a terrible Tom Baldwin."
* Shawn's in the car! Inject polonium into the spine!
* Spreading promicin death!
* OK, gonna be a lot of exclamation points this episode, the mark of a good season finale. Heh.
* Shawn couldn't heal him. But then, Tom's back. Huh.
* Epidemic!
* Tom's memories are returning. Both sides.
* Hospital's shut down. Dozens dead. Virus spreading promicin!
* Danny goes to the 4400 Center! Smart.
* "I'm not meant to live a normal life." -Isabelle
* Kill me. Kill me now." -Jordan
* (OK, I guess she does have a killswitch.)
* And, Kyle goes public. Promise City offering to help!
* "It's not fair!" Nerd #3, nooo.
* Hitting police and fire, first responders. (See also: 9/11.)
* Army surrounding the city!
* Everyone's positive... except Diana. Resistant! (Way to bring back in old plotlines!)
* Riots! Chaos! (And those pics are right out of Katrina, too.)
* Tom remembers everything. Can they trust him?
* And, NTAC goes to Promise City, to restore order.
* Heh, Jordan already had plans to take over the city.
* Ubiquinone? Sure.
* Danny's dying of promicin overdose, ouch.
* And, Isabelle couldn't kill him. "Goodbye"
* 4400 Center, Promise City, and NTAC, working together.
* Make the pain go away... Killed him with his power! Augh.
* Isabelle, unleashed.
* "Make this world better than it is." -Isabelle
* Tom gives Jordan the list of the seven Marked... because he knows NTAC couldn't touch them! Brilliant!
* Dual funeral. Yay seeing Kyle, Shawn, and Tom together. That's one thing they did excellently this season, reminding us of how close all these people are.
* 9,000 confirmed dead! Hit NTAC, police, and fire especially hard. Federal quarantine. Jordan's law and order is working.
* Meghan turned a pen into a plant. Uh, congrats? Jed, meet Jed #2! Marco teleported!
* "I told you he was a good guy." -Maia
* "We're in charge now. It's better that way."

Man, oh, man.
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