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"Mr. Bush has no strategy to end his disastrous war and no strategy for containing the chaos he unleashed. Last night's speech could have been given any day in the last four years — and was delivered a half-dozen times already."

Graphic representation of ethnic cleansing in Bagdhad?

Good read: Andrew Cohen on the failure to enact legal policies to guide the 'war on terror.'

"What I Saw in Darfur" by Ban Ki-moon

* "How, then, has the political debate in Washington become so skewed? Why is it so out of step with the will of the people?"
* Analysis: "President Bush addressed three very different audiences on Thursday night, and he had to hope that each would hear a different message."
* And, the day after Bush's big speech, we get the White House report on benchmarks. Whatta coincidence!
* Abu Aardvark on the assassination of Abu Risha, and what it means in the larger scheme of things.
* So long, Tony Snow.
* Why Republican gerrymandering in California won't work: that pesky Constitution.
* How campaign finance has lead to bundling fundraisers like Hsu. (I'm still waiting to see how that story turns out.)
* The Explainer on the heat in Iraq.
* No good news for the new fall TV season?

In pictures: on the ground with the Iraq 'surge'.

Aw, yeah. Today's featured article on Wikipedia: Dungeons & Dragons.
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