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"And now President Bush has his cabinet and staff busily writing far-reaching rules to keep his priorities on the environment, public lands, homeland security, health and safety in place long after the clock strikes midnight and his presidential limousine turns into a pumpkin."

What do we need from the next attorney general?

Jay Carney talks about which version of Bush will be addressing the nation tonight.

* Great. Iraq's oil compromise is falling apart.
* Heh. Joe Klein has some unique insight into Crocker's testimony.
* Democrats in Congress plan their next moves, but don't see many options.
* David Ignatius on how the Iraq war will end.
* How much would it cost to deport all the illegal immigrants?
* "Since the start of the Iraq war in 2003, members of the U.S. military have dramatically increased their political contributions to Democrats, marching sharply away from the party they've long supported."
* Shake-up: former Virginia governor Mark Warner announces his intentions to replace Senator John Warner in the Senate.
* "The hidden content in ancient works could be illuminated by a light source 10 billion times brighter than the Sun."
* Talking acting with Christian Bale.
* Write your own punchline: Todd McFarlane wants to direct.

Take notes! "In his article, Eckstein brilliantly dissects the claim that the justice system is based on a short list of rules for late-Bronze-Age Israelites (i.e., the Ten Commandments)."

The AVClub interviews Eddie Izzard. (Courtesy warmaster.)

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