PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* "All that water, takes some getting used to." -Rebecca Parrish
* Trip to Canada... Curtis!
* Is it wrong that I'd totally watch Don Incubus, Demon P.I.?
* Burned his old screenplay, but... spinal fluid? Nanobots?
* Oh, hi Tess. Meet Sophia, who can play with people's senses. hee, Shawn's gathering his own X-men.
* Wall falls apart! Yay Kevin!
* Dude, I know Evil Tom is eveil, but drugging Maia, then giving her the inhibitor? Man.
* Jordan's planning a counterstrike on the 4400 Center!
* "Shawn needs to learn to stay out of our way." -Kyle
* Nanites don't exist yet, duh. However, nice diagrams, Marco.
* Shawn's mom and his brother Danny! He wants the test.
* Radioactive exposure to kill nanites? But a deadly dose. Huh.
* "You have a beautiful brain." -Kevin
* He can narrow the risk down for 90% of the cases. But the shot will totally work for Danny.
* "So they're going to try to save Tom Baldwin." -Evil Tom
* "Call it getting rid of a plothole." -Evil Tom
* "You know you're just so bad at this." -Diana

Diana: I don't know how we evolved into you.
Evil Tom: Neither do I.

* And, Danny takes the shot.
* "I have to go. it's time... You have to go to sleep for a while, and when you wake up, everything will be different." -Isabelle
* One real friendship, aw.
* Hey, she found her evil clothes!

Jordan: For a while there, I had believed you changed.
Isabelle: So did I.

* "We're not going to make you a martyr to your cause, Jordan. We're going to make you a traitor to it." -Evil Tom
* Jordan's seen the future too!
* Ouch, use him to eliminate promicin.
* Cassie! Kyle's in charge now.
* Maia's call, totally a setup.
* And Kevin likes Cheetos.
* Avoiding Tess? Yep. Yay, love story. They're like my favorite couple on TV.
* Ambushed Tom!
* Did Shawn's mom take the shot? Or is this Danny's power manifesting?
* Actually, you know, Evil Tom is a better NTAC agent than the original recipe.
* Shot! Unexpected!
* Finale next week? NOOO
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