PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Once again, a fine episode of Angel. Things getting both better and worse!

* Yay Fred's confession! That's like two or three episodes where she gets characterization in a row!
* Heh, his gothy, teenage pain kept Connor separate, nice. For a second, I thought he went undercover.
* Blood magic! Well, duh. Oh, and some name magic stuff tossed in there. Fine, fine. I'm kind of liking this Jasmine Whedonverse mythology.
* Damnit, that's not Pylaea! And for a second, I was hoping it would be the dimension Holtz took Connor to, but then I was reminded that, in fact, there was regular air there. Fooey.

"I will free them from the loneliness, from the empty horror of their lives." -Jasmine
Tags: tv
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