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special bees and politics edition

Good read: "Watching the Republicans talk about Iraq makes me want to scream. There is absolutely no recognition of the complexities, the difficult choices, the reality there." -Joe Klein

Oh, snap. "As Bush began to wind down his stay at the Asia-Pacific summit, Roh challenged him to make a declaration to end the Korean War."

The bipartisan GAO continues its reign of oversight terror, this time targeting Homeland Security.

* "A federal judge today struck down portions of the USA Patriot Act as unconstitutional, ordering the FBI to stop issuing 'national security letters' that secretly demand customer information from Internet service providers and other businesses."
* Froomkin on the behind-the-scenes power of David Addington. (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)
* "Snow's own life in many ways symbolizes the downside of the ownership society - and suggests how much a government role in health and retirement benefits is necessary."
* 'Concerns over donors' power to shape US election outcome'
* Facing a tough election year, Republicans seek out rebranding.
* Heh. Ana Marie Cox's blog transcript of the Republican debate.
* Catching up with the surreal news you missed with Richard Cohen.
* A final and awesome footnote to the Gonzales-Ashcroft hospital bedside-ambush.
* Eugene Robinson on the administration and Vietnam.
* Virginia day laborer center to close. The winning quote is at the end of the article. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)

"Scientists sifting genetic material from thriving and ailing bee colonies say a virus appears to be a prime suspect — but is unlikely to be the only culprit — in the mass die-offs of honeybees reported last fall and winter."

'3,000-year-old beehives unearthed in Israel.'

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