PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

RedQueen is at work today, so it's bebe day for me. After watching Arsenal defeat Middlebrough (!) we took a quick hike up to the Lion of Food a.) to get her some fresh air, and b.) for more orange soda. It did the trick, as she's currently sleeping like a log.

I think I also forgot to mention, about a week ago I got a set of Wizard Chess from Toys 'R Us. It's pretty neat, and was like ten bucks.

Incidentally, in case you want to hide a corpse, the Straight Dope has you hooked up.

And look here for hijacked Smallville talk.

* Can you have a democracy brought about by non-democratic means? Also, why the privacy? What other implications could this all have?
* White House goes incommunicado. How I loathe their tactics.
* Rivalry between State Dept. and Defense Dept. heats up. (Also includes the return of Gingrich.)
* White House stem cell testing ban being pressured by new developments.
* How the administration is really good at spinning things.
* Still no evidence of 'weapons of mass destruction'? Haw haw!
* A Fedayeen's tale.
* The administration's conflicting views on women's rights.
* One of the nation's oldest libraries, started by Ben Franklin, to close due to budget cuts. Citizens rally against education cuts nationwide. But remember, the economy's just fine.
* Second cybersecurity adviser resigns.
* Joe Bob Briggs on why the world really hates us.

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