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"Productivity growth, although slower of late, has been strong since 2000. After a sluggish start in the period, employment has picked up, although at a slower pace than in past recoveries. Yet, that growth hasn't transferred to workers' paychecks, particularly for workers at the lower and middle end of the pay scale... After rising quickly in the second half of the 1990s, most workers real wages have been stagnant in the 2000s, especially since 2003."

Former Iranian President Rafsanjani to lead a powerful clerical body responsible for supervising Iran's Supreme Leader. The Times also discusses how Ahmadinejad's aggressiveness has helped the hardliners stifle reforms within their own borders. (Good read.)

So. Did or didn't Bush approve of dismantling the Iraqi military?

* News analysis: Bush yet again changes strategies in Iraq.
* Unexpected solution: American farmers having problems dealing with immigration enforcement follow the workers and move to Mexico.
* "In Rogers's mind, if you're against gay rights in your public life and you live a secret homosexual life, all bets are off."
* New nods to diversity in Jewish prayerbooks.
* Police check Craigslist to catch prostitutes.
* 'As mental illness among collegians rises, students' privacy rights and treatment clash with families' need to know.'
* Pig DNA described the history of domestication.
* Venezuela considers making a list of names allowable for children.
* Inside the gamer's world of Halo.
* Can Rick Rubin save the entire music recording industry?

Republicans face peril in 2008. "It's always darkest right before you get clobbered over the head with a pipe wrench. But then it actually does get darker."

"Scientists at the University of Rochester and the J. Craig Venter Institute have discovered a copy of the genome of a bacterial parasite residing inside the genome of its host species." (Courtesy professorbooty.)

More superhero powers becoming available, thanks to science.

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