PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Busy like a bug

After a fiasco getting there, had a pleasant games night at dreamerdevie and elizardaa's pad. We tried out the newest expansion for Zombies!, this one an add-on to the main city, introducing sewers and subways. The subways seem interesting. The sewers seem, well, a little pointless. Will have to do some homework. Liking the new cards, though. However, playing the main set, plus the 3.5 cards, plus the 6 cards, made for a hefty hefty game. We were dragging by the end, and there was only four of us. Must research options. We did try out a houserule, for adding zombies to empty street tiles. This worked decently. May also elaborate on that in the future...

Definitely been bitten by the gaming bug again. Satiating it with painting and assembling figs, and planning. Oh, such planning. The financial and automotive hard times have been good on getting through some of the stuff I've been putting off for a while.

Tonight, relaxing at home with M. Or with other people. Or something.
Tomorrow, birthday party for the wonder nephew. Trekking down to Brandywine.
Monday, cookout with M.'s family, my family, and a cast of other assorted rogues.
Tuesday, hitting the bank, paying bills, clearing out boxen, and "relaxing" from the weekend.

Tags: gaming, not news

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