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Investigations into the Haditha massacre are falling apart. Also, whatever happened to Abu Ghraib?

Good read: Joe Klein on the problem with Dr. Rice's love of democracy.

Texas is planning to execute a convict for driving a getaway car.

Nice. Ted Rall on lefties vs. conservatives.

* The GAO reports that the Iraqi government isn't meeting its benchmarks.
* The home loans crisis continues to have effects worldwide. And September should be an interesting month.
* What can be done about Iran?
* Polls find Bush remains a highly polarizing figure.
* How one vet has shaken up the political debate over the war.
* "About 140 million people, mainly in developing countries, are being poisoned by arsenic in their drinking water."
* Huh. Can taking estrogen help fight dementia?
* Behind the sale of the City Paper.
* Why I love the internet: Abu Aardvark on... Warren Ellis.

"In a handful of food science labs around the country, people who talk about food in terms of microbes and polymers have been turning the natural pathogen fighters found in everyday food into edible films and powders. If their work pans out, thin films woven with a thyme derivative that can kill E. coli could line bags of fresh spinach. The same material in powder form might be sprinkled on packages of chicken to stop salmonella."
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