PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

First: happy birthday safetypup!

Second: man, I am dead tired today, and I have a lot of stuff that needs doing.

Third: M. and I snuck out to see Balls of Fury last night. It was OK, but the worst part is you could completely tell if they went a little more over the top and a little more surreal and goofy, the movie would have gone from "OK" to "awesometastic." Parts were good, really good, in fact. But the whole never really came together, and felt a little lurching. They had a really good cast of B- and C-rate actors too, but never really got enough out of them. Wait for DVD.

New trailers:
* We Own The Night - Does Marky Mark only make cops-and-robbers movies now?
* The Comebacks - A spoof of sports movies. Ehn, maybe. But the trailer shows a clip of them spoofing Dodgeball, which just doesn't make sense.
* Resident Evil: Extinction - new trailer shows a lot more of the story, and, looking sharp. As long as it's better than #2, all is forgiven.
* Eastern Promises - a Russian mafia thriller by... David Cronenberg? Huh.
Tags: movies, not news
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