PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

Fanservice Manservice for the proletariat?

* Previously: Oh, hi Lindsey.
* Just watching her sleep, huh?
* And Shawn's warning is having an impact.
* Cassie says 'get rid of Burkoff.' I am now convinced she's working for the Marked.
* "I guarantee you'll live to take you abilities back." -Tom
* "Promicin is evil. People who use it are evil. Their goal isn't to change the world, it's to end it."
* Hee, manual labor! I love Collier.
* Jordan says he isn't behind the computer attacks, but he supports them.
* Computer systems now crashing worldwide! And, all on the Ubient OS.
* Oh, hi Abigail. She's found the manifesto.
* Oh, Lindsey's in Promise City, nice. Now if only I could remember what her power was.
* Heh, Imroth keeps a list of enemies. Cataloged!

Tom: Steve Jobs is on page one.
Imroth: You might want to give him a promicin test.

* You know, I would totally watch the Kevin show.
* Diana followed Tom, nice!
* Eee, voice-copying assassin!
* And Isabelle runs!
* Kevin's work is gone!
* I like exclamation points!
* "It was nice to be normal. At least for a little while." -Isabelle
* Meet Warren Trask.
* Eee, Maia's parents! I blame Byron from last episode.
* And yes, Trask took the shot. "Don't stop until you ruin Imroth like he ruined you!" OK, psycho.
* Hee, extinct butterfly. Whoah, one of the new recruits can rewrite DNA? And bring back extinct species? Heavy.

Kevin: All I'm trying to do is save lives, Jordan.
Kyle: So are we.

* And, crash.
* "You're no longer welcome in Promise City." -Jordan
* And, a shot for Isabelle.
* Injected her with a kill switch? Sure.
* Clandestine meeting with Marco! And now one with Meghan! Oh, hi evil Tom.
* Hee, Maia likes Sinatra. And, man, she likes hitting Promise City a lot now.
* (Emerging theme of 'growing up' this season, between Kyle, Shawn, Isabelle, and Maia...)
* "Get a hold of Tess. We're taking Kevin out of Promise City." -Shawn
* And, Isabelle's back.
* New host lined up for Imroth... Collier! Eee!
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