PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Gonzorama: Why did he finally give in? Analysis of how the Bush-Gonzales loyalty proved problematic, especially when it trumped reality. Also, Ruth Marcus says goodbye, and includes a Melville reference. Bonus: Why won't Bush get rid of anyone until it's too late?

* Has the government abandoned New Orleans?
* Ferchrissakes. You see, this is why learning about foreign cultures is important.
* Pollution skyrocketing in China: "China is making decisions today that will affect its energy use for the next 30 or 40 years. Unfortunately, in some parts of the government the thinking is much more shortsighted."
* Gerrymandering, redux: how Republicans plan to steal California's electoral votes.
* The hasty promise: paying big bonuses for recruits ready to ship in days.
* Should Va. Tech been made aware of Cho's mental disorder?
* Whoah. Isolating the gene for perfect pitch.
* The latest movie from the director of Brokeback Mountain doesn't fly with the censors.
* Why Lynch's Inland Empire works best as a DVD.
* "What does it take to sell out these days?" (Courtesy warmaster.)

Tags: 2007, movies, news, science!

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