PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

What's weirder: Will Ferrell running marathons, Steve Buscemi was a NYC firefighter, or Mark Frost writing a book on golf?

"Sen. Joe Lieberman was wrangling support for his presidential bid in Keene, N.H., and Sen. John Kerry was winging his way to sunny Florida to meet with the teachers' union in mid-January when the Senate rejected increased funding for education and Medicaid. The amendment lost by two votes."

* Grim: States make cuts across the board (unscrew every third lightbulb) to cut costs and save money.
* A fine, fine tale of Starbucks and Seattle.
* Challenges for reporters covering the Middle East.
* Warmongering and war-profiteering.
* Always follow the money.
* Mexican farmers switching from growing pot to heroin.
* Hasbro Inc. reported first-quarter earnings Monday of one cent per share.
* Man, Estonia is super-wired.
* Islam's golden age only existed where foreign influence was welcome.
* Gladiators celebrate the birth of Rome.

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