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Port Discovery

Sunday, a handful of us parents and our respective younglings trekked up to Port Discovery in Baltimore. It's this nifty kids museum/art gallery/playground, with lots of actually fun learning activities and other cool things for kids, without being annoying and cloying for adults (and without trying to sell you ten million things.) It's pretty fantastic, I have to admit.

As always, the pics are from my cell cam, so, no complaints allowed.

If you could look into the cube from Hellraiser, it would look like this.

It's a giant roughly-circular structure, three levels of rooms and activities surrounding... this central tower which is a giant jungle gym with towers, rock-climbing holds, ladders, a zipline, rope bridges, turning gears, a two-story slide, a ball pit, and all sorts of things. The younglings adored it. It was a little more, uh, strenuous for the adults; some of the holes are designed for smaller bodies, so the turns were certainly slower-going. But everything is *completely* safe. A lot of thought went into making it secure and safe. Good times! And a real workout.

One of the early hits was the drum room. The room was just this little performance area, and all over it were drums of various shapes and sizes, all made from recycled parts. It was pretty fantastic. At first an intimidating cacophony of sound, but once you pick up sticks and join in, it's a lot of fun.

The girls in a drum line.

This drum was in fact made from parts of a discarded billboard.

Trinity and Cecily drumming up a storm.

Zoe and Maia going to town on the gongs.

Look, Davei having fun.

One of the other big hits was this "haunted house" with different puzzles for kids to figure out and other neat activities. The favorite by far was "Down the Drain." Imagine a narrow tunnel, with twists and turns, crawling only, with different sections having different textures (one felt like a big brush, one like a tire tread, etc.) The whole thing takes like five minutes to crawl. Oh, and it's *completely pitch black.*

And now, the story of how I made myself ill. Examining some of the cool things on the top floor, Zoe and I found a zoetrope. She was fascinated by it, so we watched it for a few minutes. She even noted that it looked like a TV, so we got to discuss how they were similar.

And then I made the mistake of looking away from it. I had felt a little funny while I was looking at it, but I figured it was just the flashing lights (which tends to make me light-headed.) I looked up from the zoetrope, down the hall, and felt that weird feeling I tend to have before I have a seizure. So, I made sure M. had Zoe, and went and sat down on one of the comfy chairs nearby and didn't move or look at anything for a while.

Twenty minutes afterwards, I went and washed off my face, and was pretty sure I wasn't going to pass out. Of course, then I had completely lost track of everyone, so I spent the next twenty minutes trying to track people down. Missed prime playing time, but, you know, didn't pass out, so victory.

Anyways. I wish I had taken more pics, but my battery was running low, the lighting wasn't always good, and frankly, I was kept pretty busy.

Zoe talking to Sonia, cracking me up by just leaning around.

Another entertaining side note was when we hit the conveniently-placed McDonald's for lunch, and I got to discuss the Legion of Superheroes with the kids, and figure out who everyone's favorite is.

Thanks again to the lovely ladylish for suggesting it! It's not terribly expensive, but it's an event. I think we could probably do it once a season or so. I know certain grandparents would like the joint as well.

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