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"The American Psychological Association ruled Sunday that psychologists can no longer be associated with several interrogation techniques that have been used against terrorism detainees at U.S. facilities because the methods are immoral, psychologically damaging and counterproductive in eliciting useful information."

"A growing number of legislators, diplomats and analysts, including at least one Democratic presidential candidate, have taken to citing the Bosnia model as they consider what to do if Shiite, Sunni Arab and Kurd cannot muddle their way to a stable shared state."

Good read: has the War on Drugs defeated the War on Terror? (Courtesy rshackleford.)

Does Gonzales's future hold charges for perjury?

* Israel turns away refugees from Darfur.
* Bush remembers Canada and Mexico.
* Wow. Tearing down Hastert's legacy.
* Black churches argue how to deal with gay unions.
* High School Musical 2 sets new record for cable viewership.
* GenCon has come and gone.
* Best headline: "Jet Li attacks China film censors"
* Runner-up headline: "Bears eat man at beer festival"

"We're obsessed with plane crashes and bridge collapses, yet we pay little attention to the stuff that kills the rest of us."

Using physics to explain economics.

In memoriam: "How Tony Wilson changed the face of pop culture."
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