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"Pierre Dragon is the nom de plume and alter ego of an active-duty anti-terrorism chief who has become the first cop in France, and perhaps anywhere, to write a comic book based on his real-life adventures."


Kids day in Baltimore today was fancy; pictures will follow in a dedicated post. A magnificent time was had, though all the adults will be sore tomorrow. (Oh, and I made myself really sick, but I got better. Heh.)

Housewarming party last night was fancy; hopefully pictures will never emerge. Heh.

Also, dinner with my favorite Afghan, and checking out his local stomping grounds in the wilds of VA. Fun fun.

Tomorrow, kid-sitting lineup changes. I approach this with some degree of trepidation.

Within the next two days, I finish Harry Potter.

Also need to post regarding the housing situation. To wit, we've been here almost a year, so we were looking into renewing our lease, and they informed us the rent is set to raise, dramatically. This is unpleasing; the place is quirky, but a fine place to kick around. But possibly not for what they are planning to be asking. M. and I are investigating options, financially and physically. More to follow in a dedicated post.
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