PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Finally got some painting done this weekend. Nothing fancy, repainted a couple figs for Horrorclix, worked on a couple figs for Superfigs. But I've been trying to get myself back in the mood for a while, and haven't been able to pull it off. imamsawez swung by Sunday Monday, and we made an afternoon of it, good times.

Bebe was extra-good yesterday, which is always a treat. We watched the Eddie Murphy Doctor Doolittle, which was surprisingly funny - I don't tend to like kids movies or, well, Eddie Murphy movies. I think it's because I am a sucker for critters. Afterwards, M. and I watched Pathfinder, which was everything I was expecting. Now, to find time to sneak out to Stardust...

Financial woes starting to weigh on me again; trying not to let it stress me too badly. Summer's ending pretty soon, which means the day care-ing is ending soonly also. One day, we'll have this thing all sorted out.

Get together tomorrow. Party this Saturday. Whee.

Tags: bebe, gaming, movies, not news

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