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Good read: "Karl Rove's legacy will not be what he wanted it to be. The political guru who made President Bush what he is today had hoped to leave behind a permanent Republican ruling majority. Instead, his tenure will stand as an example of how divisiveness and partisanship are not conducive to successful governance."

Oh, great. New rule may let Gonzales fast-track the death penalty.

* Lawsuit sheds light on the administration's plan to track e-mails and mine online data.
* Speaking of executive privilege, a lot of documents concerning Hilary Clinton's work at the White House remains censored, and won't be released until after the election.
* "As a political strategist, Karl Rove offered a brilliant answer to the wrong question." Bonus: the best of Rove.
* Mattel recalls millions of toys.
* "If we’ve learned anything from the way these groups operate, it’s that the contributors can rest assured that their hard-earned dollars are going far in keeping right-wing pundits, consultants, and fundraisers off the unemployment line."
* Wow. Turns out the man behind the ridiculous VA bad drivers' fees is, in fact, a lawyer specializing in traffic violations. Whatta coincidence! (Courtesy oontzgrrl.)
* YouTube seeks testimony from Stewart and Colbert.
* Sen. Leahy to appear in the new Batman movie.

'Intact Etruscan tomb discovered'

Ugh. We do not need a remake of Enter the Dragon.
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