PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was a treat, a meet at the Silver Diner for dessert to celebrate Velvet's day of birth. Tze bebe was quite popular and rather well-behaved. Which she more than made up for once we got home, and she was very poorly-behaved after that (and consequently, less popular.)

I should be driving home as we speak, to help with the dinner arranging for my family, As it turns out, there may not be anyone scheduled for the afternoon. This makes me unhappy.

Hey everyone who reads this: join my army. (You don't need to click through to create a character [unless you want to.])

* Fighting is over, let the military fanboys enjoy: three battles that were the key to the war.
* Why did they let Franklin Graham speak at the Pentagon?
* The disastrous domestic agenda of the administration.
* More goodness from Howard Kurtz's Media Notes, including: Iraqi civilian death totals, Frist after 100 days, Bechtel's contract, and Kuwaiti cereal boxes.
* Long-term planning? Pentagon expects long-term accessto Iraqi military bases.
* Unanswered questions, false predictions and loose ends after the war.
* Thomas Friedman with lessons to learn from the 'terrorism bubble.'
* The South African offer shows how it is impossible to contain weapons of mass destruction.
* FBI spy case highlights problems with informants. And then some.
* Law taking shape as court decides limits to a corporation's free speech.
* Egyptian tombs found from 2400 BC.
* TiVO fans: a vocal minority.
* All about Al Pacino's body of work.
* Can the world of gay hip-hopbreak into the big time?

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