PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: Tess! Richard!
* Ah, Meghan was seeing Arcardia. (Hint: not accidental.) (Also, I dig.)
* 'Be positive!'
* Private party. "Come on, everyone, let's dance!" ZOMG she's gone.
* Heh, Isabelle's the only powerless person in Promise City.
* Oh, hi Richard.
* How did he get in? Friends on the inside? Hmm. Suspicious.
* "This is only going to be weird if we let it." -Meghan
* Hey, kudoes for bringing up the fact that Kevin in fact saved all the 4400. I wonder if that's in the journal? Also, that if anyone can reduce the risks of taking Promicin, it's him.
* Dancing for days, eee. Jealous of Bobby!
* Richard stayed with friends while he was on the run, huh?
* Jordan wants Richard's leadership.
* And, kidnapped. "No doubt about it, the man is a genuine badass."
* Stopped flow of blood to her brain? Egads!
* Long trip ahead. Family again. Uh...
* "You're not getting smaller, you're getting younger." 4400 named Cora. Who has a very odd power. (And she'll forget, huh.)
* Oh, it was the water. Like a fountain of youth thing.
* And I totally forgot about Kevin's healing thing.
* "You're not my friend anymore."
* "Jordan is wrong." -Cassie
* And, Cassie knows where Isabelle is. I guess she is important. Again, I wager, she still has her powers.
* Michael Anslet, super total recall, which is really scary. Dude, they're totally shaking him down.
* Kyle's the first person to believe in Isabelle. Aw.
* "That's Bobby." Aw, that's the sweetest thing. In this really freaky episode. "I've been waiting for you for a long time."
* Shawn healed Tess!
* And Richard escapes.
* Tess has always been scared of Jordan, interesting. Also, she is one of the few with a different connection to the future.
* Shawn offers to shelter them at the 4400 Center! Kevin thinks he can predict who might die from taking Promicin!
* "I just want us to have more perfect days, Isabelle."
* Mmm, sex and delivery Chinese, hot.
* "Your mole is back."
* Dude, check her for one!
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