PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What jumps out of the Paul Gigot interview is that Rove doesn't perceive that he and his boss have made any mistakes over the past 7 years. Regrets? Hardly a one. It's nice to be always right."

China invests heavily in Africa.

* What we can learn from the British pullout in Iraq.
* Why the new immigration enforcement movement is doomed to fail.
* Electronic jamming systems see heavy (but unadvertised) use in Iraq.
* You know who we shouldn't be working with in Iraq? Notorious arms dealers.
* Times editorial on China's economic threats.
* Changing America's perceptions of psychiatric care.
* Candidates picking their TV appearances carefully. (Bonus: fun facts about Fox News!)
* Director Matthew Vaughn signed for live-action Thor movie. I wish they'd use the Ultimate Thor version, but I doubt they will.
* Comic book artist Mike Wieringo passed away.

"What does it mean to go from a humanly ancient world in which, say, only 17 percent of nature had been 'tainted' to a world in which only 17 percent remains untainted?"

Neat. Google asks names in the news to respond to news articles about them. It's a new world order out there.

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