PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: "I share an office with two of the most annoying guys on the planet."
* Security breach! Gun gone, and the joint is empty.
* "Please tell me you know how we got here." -Diana
* Locked out of the network too. Building sealed. No guns, anywhere. "Wake up PJ."
* Oh, hi Collier.
* And Kyle. And they're equally surprised. It's like everyone is waking up.
* "Why would they put you and me together?" -Shawn
* Oh, hi Maia. From, uh, a previously empty room?
* Hee, letter opener for self defense. It'd only be cooler if it was silver, so it would also stop werewolves.
* Orson Bailey's cell, nice. Whole prison wing is empty.
* Box of scalpels and a broom handle!
* "The future gave you the right ability." -Jordan
* Aw, Maia misses Marco.
* "This is not supposed to happen!" -P.J.
* "He didn't bring you here. I did." -P.J.
* Took the shot two weeks ago. Resolves issues in dreams. Always an obstacle. "I wanted to bring the two sides together."
* "I don't see how it can end any other way for you." -Tom
* "I'm thinking we should take the stairs." -P.J.
* (I love the visual of the blood on Jordan's shirt.)
* "The spread of promicin is not to blame, the fear of it is!" -Jordan
* "Um. Would you mind going first?" -P.J.
* "Make sure everyone knows I'm sorry."
* "We need to kill the building." -Isabelle
* "You don't strike me as a man afraid of sacrifice." -Jordan
* Hee, revisit
* "It's like Kyle said, you just have to have faith." -Tom
* And, everyone wakes up. Including the dead people.
* Heh, P.J. made a run for Promise City.
* Kiss her!
* "It was scary, but my ability worked!" -P.J.
* "The infamous Skouris meatloaf." -Marco
* Yay, Jordan called Tom. "You called me Jordan just then."

So, uh, why did Shawn and Isabelle wake up together? I don't think P.J. has that fine control, and can't imagine he would do that either way. And they didn't fall asleep together...
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