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More things Gonzales forgot: Justice Dept. officials attended partisan briefings, including a number held by Rove, possibly in violation of their own guidelines.

"In the fifth year of war, Iraq's politicians remain more loyal to their sect, clan, tribe and region than they are to the nation."

No spin zone: Glenn Greenwald takes on the Brookings Institution's Pollack and O'Hanlon and their comments on Iraq. (Bonus: amusing updates included.)

'Flying is worse than ever for consumers - but more lucrative than ever for airlines.'

* "A federal appeals court ruled Friday that an FBI search last year of the congressional office of Rep. William Jefferson violated the Constitution."
* Dan Froomkin on Bush's latest optimism push.
* Dana Milbank on Rumsfeld's forgetful testimony in the Tillman case.
* Special committee will investigate the Thursday Congress voting controversy.
* 'Christian court watchers keep tabs on judges'
* Dispelling myths about megachurches.
* Follow-up: pic of the submersible spotted in the East River.
* Hey, whatever happened to "LonelyGirl15"?
* Joss Whedon to do more creator-owned comics. (More on his future plans here.)

The National Zoo welcomes "Little Schnozzy", their first baby giant anteater.

Scientists puzzle over Lake Superior mysteries.

Future plans for the DC Comics direct-to-DVD line.

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