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News analysis: "In war, good news and bad news often coexist. But in Iraq, where battle lines are murky, the snapshots emerging from the American counterinsurgency campaign can seem particularly contradictory."

Five tough questions to ask about the withdrawal from Iraq.

Excellent read: "Unfortunately, this kind of behavior by those whose sworn duty it is to uphold the law is all too common. In state courts, where most death sentences are handed down, it occurs regularly."

Meet one of the heroes of the Interstate 35W bridge disaster. Also, more on the nation's decaying infrastructure; a nationwide safety review is in the works.

* Egads. Floods in South Asia displace almost 20 million people.
* Just how powerful is Rupert Murdoch now?
* Quiet FISA court ruling limits surveillance abroad, prompting reactions from lawmakers and the administration.
* Congress passes expansion of children's health insurance program, despite Bush's protests. They also backed new restrictions on lobbying, which sounds like another win in my book. (Bonus: graphic.)
* "The US government has ordered the freezing of assets of anyone it accuses of undermining the Lebanese government."
* Court says insurers don't have to pay Katrina victims after all.
* Ray Stevenson, who played Titus Pullo in Rome, will star in Punisher 2.
* Attention Serenity fans: bend over.

Russian team plants flag at the sea bed at the North Pole.
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