PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

City of Invasion

Why I am enjoying the Rikti Invasion:
* The Rikti themselves are done very well. Everyone gets to participate, everyone can help.
* As noted previously, everything looks awesome, and players are really getting into it.
* Fighting a gang of Thorns, a Rikti materializes, and a bunch of the Thorns take on the Rikti, who holds the aggro so I can help them out, before I finish arresting them. Very cool.

Why I am not enjoying the Rikti Invasion:
* Everyone can participate, which means, everyone does. Fifteen heroes using lots of powers, on ten spawns using powers, plus other environmental effects, means fights slow to a crawl. I hit buttons and wait seconds for something to update. Any time it's prime time, I tend to avoid the invasions. Lag is the mind killer.
* Zoning is a chore, even more if you're trying to follow the invaders.
* The Black Market is already a lagfest. Fighting a bunch of Rikti next to it makes the place a statue garden.

Other game-related coolness:
* I love the super-strength-shakes-the-camera thing. Seriously.

Other non-game-related coolness:
* Last night was the Justice League episode with the Flash museum, which is groovy. "...You're tied to a very large boomerang?"

Other non-game-related lameness:
* Work is goofily busy today.
Tags: gaming, not news, tv

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