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Excellent read: "Six years later, most Americans still rightly believe that the United States must confront Islamic terrorism - and must be relentless in preventing terrorist networks from getting weapons of mass destruction. But Bush's premises have proved flawed, and the war-on-terror frame has obscured more than it has clarified."

"So, in the space of a year, the Bush team seems to have gone from condemning the decades-old U.S. policy of backing the Arab regimes to championing precisely that course."

* The largest Sunni bloc in the Iraqi parliament has walked out.
* House passes ethics bill.
* Bush plans to move against... the Turkish Kurds?
* Guiliani's ideas on health care are sure to be creating discussion.
* Tom Tomorrow has been wondering about a few things.
* Since the fall of the Taliban, what's popular on TV in Afghanistan?
* Indonesian fishermen catch 4-ft. long coelacanth.
* Gambling banned on Second Life.
* Famed football coach Bill Walsh passed away. interviews Uwe Boll.
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