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Previouslly, on The 4400...

* Previously: "It's a model for a better world."
* "Everyone's waiting." -Kyle
* "Let's go change the world." -Jordan Collier
* Maia's sketching. "He's here. In Seattle."
* Elevation? Population?
* OK, Megan is totally one of the Marked.
* It's a pollution map. Huh.
* "I don't think this qualifies as low profile." -Tom
* Warning lights?
* 'Sex for Miracles'
* The lights square off one of the most polluted parts of Seattle. "The time for miracles has begun." -Jordan
* "The miracles we work here, we intend to work everywhere."
* Consequences! Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis. Eee. "He's calling them demonstrations." -Marco
* "Promise City has to succeed." -Kyle
* (He totally should have called it Paradise City. Then they'd have a built-in theme song.)
* And Kyle tells his dad about his power and the book, nice. "I am home, Dad."
* "I'm not special like you. I had to look out for myself. And so I did."
* Ah, crap, the military. Open rebellion! Of course they kept the Enhanced Soldier Program.
* Diana has to save Collier? If he dies, something bad happens.
* Ask Cassie what Isabelle's role is.
* Hee, Maia's older than Isabelle.

Maia: Are you a good guy, or a bad guy?
Jordan Collier: I get that a lot.

* Meet Anastasia, and her baptismal robes.
* (Loving the use of black and white vs. color here.)
* "Soldiers with abilities. They're coming to kill you. They'll be here soon." -Maia
* And, the strike force. Invisible, but only while standing still. Super-smelling guy!
* Plants! Growing fruit overnight. Holy crap, KnockoutGirl!
* Shawn, presenting the middle path.
* "This place, Mom. They're doing all kinds of great stuff." -Maia
* Eee, that cracking noise when knockout girl uses her power. Love it.
* And, Collier removes the soldiers' powers. After trying to convert them.
* Everyone's free to go!
* "My mom is right. If there's a war, everyone loses." -Maia
* And Kyle tells dad he's on the list. I love shows where the characters communicate important information.
* Hee hee, Maia lied. I totally called it. Guess she is growing up now.
* "Well, if he's one of the good guys, what does that make me?" -Diana
* Gathering behind the perimeter... and expanding.
* (Also loving the image of light bearers in the dark.)
* Twice as big! Sees camera, bye camera.

See, I don't trust Cassie, Kyle's power. He's too mixed up with being one of the few people to have a direct connection to the future and all. But the more I think about it, the more I think that his discussions with Cassie are genuine, especially with the revelation of the Marked.

But what is Isabelle's role? I mean, other than to get her powers back.

Also, ComicCon pics here, and the scariest pic you ever saw of Sumemr Glau here.
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