PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Examining Bush's counterfactual thinking.

How far back do Gonzales's lies misstatements go? A decade? More?

* House members to try and block arms sales to the Saudis.
* UN report on extreme sexual violence against women in the Congo. (Note: graphic.)
* BAGnewsNotes on Bush's jogging partners.
* On history lessons, American lies and Iraqi nationalism.
* Talking with an Iraqi fixer.
* I'm sure the Afghanis are thrilled by the idea of smaller bombs.
* Congress's recess approaches, but what about the work left undone?
* The paths that lead four Americans to take up jobs in Iraq, and the fate that awaited them there.
* FCC to auction off public airwaves, which doesn't seem all that 'public' to me.
* The NYTimes examines an interesting variation in polling about Iraq.
* Hollywood's so liberal, even the pigeons get birth control!

Johnny Depp to bring Dark Shadows to the silver screen?

Wal-Mart to sell some rockin' Biblical action figures.

Legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman passed away.
Tags: 2007, movies, news, tv
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