PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

After picking up tze bebe this morning, we hit the thrift store in Silver Spring, and hit it good. Lot of good finds for good prices, and got rid of a couple things we didn't need around the house. Bebe got a Sesame Street learning game to play on M.'s Nintendo, plus a Pooh bedtime book (like, 90 pages long) and some other worthy loot. For a treat, we hit Burger King afterwards, where she also got a Homer Simpson toy with her meal. And when we got home, she discovered a couple other little things M. had picked up last week for her while she was out. So, despite my attempts to keep her from getting spoiled, Z. had quite the spoiled day today.

Tomorrow, book club. Thereafter, I start that Potter book I've heard is all the rage with the kids these days.
Tags: 2007, bebe, not news
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