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So, the Saudi role in Iraq is frustrating, so we're going to... sell them a bunch of weaponry? Seriously, is this a good idea? Good read from Joe Klein here. (Courtesy Time's blog Swampland, which I'm finding is usually a good daily read. Kudoes to warmaster for recommending it.)

Pow. "Iraq's national government is refusing to take possession of thousands of American-financed reconstruction projects."

* Right, so now that Congress is investigating the Pat Tillman death, the Pentagon has decided to demote some high-ranking officers? How long until this path leads to the White House as well?
* Vox populi: an increasing number of Americans are finding the Supreme Court too conservative.
* Looking for the least bad plan for leaving Iraq. Also, how ice is a commodity on the wartorn streets.
* Africa's problem with electricity.
* Democrats finally get around to an agreement on reforming lobbying.
* Jay Carney on the Republicans reconsidering Hillary Clinton's prospects.
* The FBI violations of civil liberties was declared willful and deliberate... by the FBI.
* Two news helicopters crashed while following a police chase in Phoenix.
* Qwest's former chief executive Nacchio is going to prison.
* So, why are cyclists still doping?
* The return of the DeLorean?
* CBS to televise video game championships.

A kids party where the presents go to charity?

Congress wants info from the WWE on steroid use.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
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