PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Walked down M Street today, a much nicer walk than K. Still long, mind you. Maybe I should get one of those razor scooters. Or a skateboard.

So, last night was literally a wash. Got home, chatted with M. for a few minutes, as she was going out gaming. I lay my head down to relax for a minute. Tiring day. M. dutifully tried to encourage me to wake up before she left, I insisted that I would... in a few minutes. Woke up right before my alarms went off this morning. Meaning, I slept the night away, and slept almost ten hours straight (well, almost. I woke up once because I thought I heard Z.) No painting, no City of Heroes, no nothing. So weird. On the other hand, should be easier staying up for the party tonight. Heh.

So, how was your night?
Tags: not news
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