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Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: "There are a lot of people out there that are afraid of what you represent."
* Curtis Peck! Solves historical mysteries.
* "Correction: our favorite 4400."
* Hee, watching his MySpace page.
* Old bomb shelter, huh?
* "If anyone's coming after him, it's creditors or film critics."
* And Hewitt's running for mayor now.
* Photocopy of parts of the journal. 'Read it before the meeting.'
* The Marked Yay trailer! Seriously, I love this guy.
* Factions of the elite want the future to remain the way it is. Ten people, guide world events, marked behind left earlobe.
* "A man named Matthew Ross!"
* (Wow, that's, like, exactly how he died.) (Well, a low budget version.)
* Drew Imroth, head of Ubient Software, who is obviously not Bill Gates. "Take it down a notch, your eminence!"
* "I'm a huge supporter of NTAC, you guys have a tough job."
* Shawn, you remember Isabelle...
* "Politics is compromise." -Jordan
* Heh, he referred to them as his 'positives.'
* "But who's in charge of paradise?" -Shawn
* Man, Jordan's gravelly this season.
* And, Tom's under 72-hour psych watch! Heh.
* And now in isolation!
* Curtis's power works through his writing.
* The Marked have no powers. All ten met for the first time in person in Tunis in 2005.
* Hee, Marco's pad.
* Hewitt had a stroke!
* Wesley Burke, the president's adviser was in Tunis, as was a cardinal from the Vatican...
* And, Tom's Marked.
* Also, the Marked can't contact the future.
* Shut your eyes and think of song lyrics? Huh.
* "I did not order anyone to attack Gabriel Hewitt." -Jordan
* I would also totally go see Don Incubus, Demon P.I..
* "There's no such thing as the Marked!"
* "They sound kind of like heroes to me. -Imroth
* "I'd just think of them as backup... Valuable backup."
* "I mean, who else would we be?"
* "Shawn was like a song to me. And I've lost him. But I've found you." -Jordan
* Shawn healed Hewitt! "Don't thank me. Just change."
* "When we need him, he'll be there for us." -Imroth

Next week: "Are you a good guy, or a bad guy?"
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