PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night, I found out what they *really* talk about at Knitting Club.

Wait, what I meant to say was, last night was a fine, fine evening out with Sailor Tork. First, to the dangerous Second Story Books in Rockville. I forgot my hunting list, but I still managed to find some things from my wishlist. The miracle was, I made it out of there only having spent under $15 dollars (though I got five books out of the deal, so, yeah.)

After some driving confusion (not entirely my fault this time) we then hit Fuddruckers, where I ate ostrich. Back to her place, she went to work and I chatted with a crafty crew for a few and watched Master Ozzrick play redbug, which is the best game evar.

Also, I have figured out the CD mixing process. All bugs formally worked out. And this is my new favorite icon.

* Interior decorating tips from Saddam's love shack.
* Dealing with daily life and change in Cairo.
* Science news that slipped by: SARS related to the common cold, and sequencing of human genome nearly complete.
* Great choice on who to guard our privacy, guys.
* Well, duh: research shows bullies, victims likely to carry weapons.

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