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Last night, M. and I checked out the late show of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Same good casting (Helena Bonham Carter rocked as Bellatrix) and good, atmospheric cinematography from the last couple Harry Potter movies. Especially cool were the shots in the real world, which really was a contrast to the usual fantasy settings. (See also: Voldemort in a suit!) An enjoyable movie, for the most part.

I liked pretty much everything I saw on screen, the problem is, I just wanted *more* of everything I saw on screen. Many scenes felt too short, and could have been better if they were ten seconds longer. Everything just felt rushed. The stuff that did make it in was excellent, and had a very unique look to it. Also, important plot points from the book were overlooked, (not including Neville's parents was a crime) which might hurt later movies, depending on where they go with it (Ginny, Luna.) Again, I wonder how well someone who hasn't read the book could follow it. The movie's good, don't get me wrong. And I know it is a challenge coming up with a screenplay for these large, expansive books. But it just felt like a Cliff's Notes version, or a version that's already been cut for TV. Good, but I wanted more, more, more. More characterization. More scenes. So, better than Chamber of Secrets, but not as good as Goblet of Fire.

Please, no book #7 comments, I just picked it up yesterday, and won't be reading it until next week or so.

Trailers to follow.
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