PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, Angel. Color me still pleased, and eager to see where this is going.

* I'm so all over this plot. A very innovative "big bad" this time around.
* I'm also a big fan of evil telling people what they want to hear, as a trope, but that's me.
* Angel trips coming in the window! Hee hee.
* Yet another singing of "Mandy" (albeit with the lyrics changed.)
* Well, of *course* it won't work on Connor. He's Jasmine's dad, it's the same blood connection. But, uh, then does it work on Angel since he's a granddad? Nevermind.
* I wonder why they are keeping Cordy asleep.
* WHO THE HELL IS THAT ACTOR WHO PLAYED THE BOOKSTORE CONSPIRACY THEORIST?!?? It's been bugging me since he came on the screen. DAMNIT.

"There's nowhere to run dear; my love is all around you." -Jasmine
Tags: tv
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