PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night: got together with a small army to help tzel assemble wedding invitations. She fed us tasty chow, we got a massive assembly line operation going all over the kitchen and dining room. Good times were had. And I have to admit, they are about the coolest wedding invitations I have ever seen.

Foolishly, about a third of the way in, I joked about how weird it was no one got a cardboard cut yet. No less than five minutes later, I gave myself exactly such a cut. O bitter fate.

Unrelated bebe story I keep forgetting to tell: one of the songs on my MP3 list is the remix of that Nancy Sinatra song, "Bang Bang". Now, I know she is my daughter, because she shares my talent for singing along with songs, but not bothering to know the actual lyrics at all. So on Monday and Tuesday, I would occasionally hear her singing something to the effect of "Bang bang, my googy goo" or gibberish words to that effect. Which I totally do all the time myself.

Tonight: relaxing. Maybe some painting. Maybe some City of Heroes and/or Villains.
Friday: clubbing at the Black Cat! Erasure vs. Pet Shop Boys. Hee. Haven't been in five months. Join us for the rockin' out.
Saturday: no clue.

Tags: 2007, bebe, clubbing, not news

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