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Analysis: "The White House faced fresh political peril yesterday in the form of a new intelligence assessment that raised sharp questions about the success of its counterterrorism strategy and judgment in making Iraq the focus of that effort." (Click here for further analysis.) (And some wrapup by Dan Froomkin.)

Hey, remember in the spring when Bush was incensed that the Iraqi parliament was planning to take a month off this summer? Turns out they are still planning it, but Bush is OK with it now.

* The one thing everyone can agree on is, there's no easy answers on Iraq. (Although it doesn't stop too many people from trying.)
* "President Bush's sudden devotion to the cause of peace in the Middle East is ringing more than a little hollow." Good followup article here.
* Cheney's secret energy task force revealed! Sort of.
* David Corn replies to Bill Kristol with: "Why Bush Is A Loser"
* How Obama raised more money in six months than any other candidate.
* Bringing people together, through ignorance: the Christian creationist crowd finds a new ally... an Islamic author.
* Abstinence education faces an uncertain future. (Bonus comment: way to go Texas!)

The dead zone in the Gulf is growing.

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