PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"President Bush says that he should be trusted on military issues because he listens to his commanders. But he has a tendency to celebrate his generals when they're providing him political cover - then stick a knife in their backs when they're no longer of any use to him."

So, what would it actually take to have a human impact on global warming?

In defense of Bush's legacy.

* The legacy thing: Bush calls for mideast peace conference.
* Israel plans to free 250 Palestinian prisoners - mostly from the Fatah. This might not work as well as they hope.
* Interview with Johnston's kidnappers is just weird. They're mad he didn't thank them?
* IHOP buys Applebee's.
* Pedestrians blaze trails through suburbia.
* Baseball news: Phillies break a record... that they wish they hadn't.
* A new X-Files movie in the works?
* The iPhone as a false idol.

"In a profoundly remote corner of Siberia, 5,000 people have given up their former lives to build an entire town from scratch, all for a man known to outsiders as the Jesus of Siberia."

Should we simplify spelling through standardization?

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