PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

The term is 'fanservice.'

* "You can't go back there Kyle. He knows."
* "You can move on now." Directions! "Go there. Enjoy the surprise."
* Maia's nightmare. Internment camps.
* OK, so. Watching the scene where Tom rushes off from work, and asks Diana to cover for him, I see a guy in the background. I back up the tape, and bingo. In Maia's nightmare, it's the guy behind the desk at the internment camp. I'm like Sherlock Holmes.
* Hellooo, Jordan. And he's got friends.
* "She's going to help us with the movement, Jordan." -Kyle
* Pedro Shawn lacks experience!
* Abandoned mineshaft, nice.
* "...It's here to bring heaven to earth."
* Mmmm, famous apple pie.
* So, watching this, M. notes that the apple pie lady was also in Maia's nightmare, as the lady torn away from her husband. We're a couple of detectives, I tell you.
* Marco's analyzing the nightmare. Powers haven't happened in dreams.
* "...The wrong leader comes to power, exploits all that fear..."
* Uh, what's that mechanic dude building? Oh, hi Kyle's car. Oh, hi sheriff. Oh, high everyone else in town.
* Wow, Jordan owns Evanston. It's P-town!
* "You shouldn't have seen that, mister." Banshee-kid!
* Revolutions divide, religions unite.
* Gabriel Hewitt, the opportunist.
* All the residents are P-positive! "Hello Tom. Welcome to my town."
* Morning! No pants! Bandage and a bracelet instead.
* "Morning Tom." Headache-guy! "It's a model for a better world."
* "I guess you can call me an... anxiety-extractor."
* "I'm not in that book." -Isabelle
* Whenever she talks to someone, there's a souvenir?
* Special telepathy pie! Share thoughts and memories!
* OK, this town is Officially Creepy.
* "I promise if you take the shot, you will live." -Kyle
* Everyone donates promicin, weekly! (So, the body, uh, replenished promicin?)
* "Forget fifty-fifty... If the movement doesn't succeed, no one has a chance." -Kyle
* And, shot!
* "You may be full of fear and hatred, but you're just a man." -Shawn
* Tom's test was negative? Huh. Ha, sedative!
* "Then you need to have faith he will." -Jordan

Was Evanston the town that Tess and Kevin ran away to? I can't find it right now, but I remember something about a cafe with tasty pie.
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