PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Ugh. I hate the nights where it feels like you just fell asleep when the alarm goes off. So, so tired. Sleepwalked the entire way down K Street on the walk in. Even the DC squirrels seemed to be moving slowly this morning.

Latest gaming obsession: SuperSystem. Seems to be the superhero minis game that I was looking for, but didn't think existed. More complex than Heroclix, but still not complex enough to get bogged down. I'm sure I will drone on about this later.

M.'s brother is in town for a couple days. We sat down to Ticket to Ride last night. M. trashed us in the first game, but I pulled out a pretty convincing victory in the second. Something clicked with the game for me a little while back; it now feels like it's been kicked into turbo. Good times. imamsawez, let us know if you want us to buy you a new copy, or if you want us to pick up something else for you, because I don't think we're giving this one back.

Afterwards, they played a *crazy* game of Zombies!, which was entertaining just to listen to.

Tonight, game night in CP, if I am awake for it. Tomorrow, bonus bebe and theoretically a certain Ghost in the Shell sequel. Sunday, family and/or movie. Monday, day-tripping with shibakiei, maybe some painting.
Tags: gaming, not news

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