PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"But there is one facet of the Bush Presidency that historians will universally and roundly condemn; the politicization of governance that, top to bottom, has interfered with many of the vital functions we expect the government to carry out."
-Rightwing Nuthouse

"I can't think of a single modern president about to bequeath to his successor such a difficult agenda and such a damaged presidency."

[Crap, news conference day. I will cover the news conference coverage in a separate post.]

* The CIA reported the Maliki government was "unable to govern." Last year.
* NYTimes public editor on Bush name-dropping al Qaeda.
* White House blocks the revival of the Iraq Study Group.
* "Bush's commutation of a prison term for a former aide to Vice President Cheney did not play well with the public or even Republicans."
* The science of parking.

Today's most awesome headline: Giant badgers terrorise Iraqi port city (Courtesy judithiscariot.)
The BBC tries to top it with: "British blamed for Basra badgers"
Tags: 2007, news, quotes, science!
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