PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: "What going to happen?"
* Oh, hi April.
* "I'm going to bribe someone to look the other way."
* hee hee, can't lie to her. "Lemme guess: the truth hurts."
* Oh, back to the cabin, nice touch.
* Search for Isabelle Tyler Intensifies
* "This is all happening for a reason." -Kyle

Isabelle: I tried to kill Jordan Collier.
Kyle: I did kill Jordan.

* Oh, hi Diana.
* "I ask a question, you tell me the truth, every time." -April
* And, Meghan's dad is all better.
* ZOMG Senator Lenhoff. "The devil made flesh." He's one of the names on the registration bill.
* Losing the war on promicin.
* "You're the alternative we need to Collier and his promicin-pushing radicals."
* Back to Spain? Riiiight.
* Tom's going through Kyle's room. Hair for a test.
* And, bye Colin.
* (Diana's plotting how to help April escape? Man, Tom and Diana are like the worst cops ever.)
* "You heal people with your hands. Show me an opponent who can beat that." -Kyle
* "If you're promicin-positive, it's a life sentence, you know the deal." -Diana
* "Ever have a sexual fantasy about her?" -April (mean!)
* And, they're Swift-Boating Lenhoff, nice.
* "If you want to win this election, then Jordan Collier is the enemy." -Lenhoff
* Hee, read the encyclopedia and remembers most of it.
* "Do you think the average citizen is ready to vote for a 4400?"
* "I thought when I got this ability, that it would change my life. And it did... But it didn't change me." -April
* "But I'm not brave, am I?"
* And, April goes to NTAC.
* Kyle's not happy about Shawn's interview, either.
* "We're not punishing her, we're hiring her." (Ting!)
* Heh, highly sought by several agencies. And bonus security guards!
* And, Diana's not leaving.
* "When the chosen have the elixir..." Code broken. I wonder who 'The Father' is.
* 200 names, have to take the shot. And the last name... Tom Baldwin!
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