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News analysis: can a law change a society?

Meet the new seven wonders of the world. (Bonus: in pictures.)

Deja vu: youth groups created by the Kremlin to serve Putin's cause.

* Hypocrisy in action: examining the disparity behind Bush commuting Libby's sentence and how it goes against even his own administration's guidelines for sentencing. The NYTimes goes into detail here. Also, why Bush's decision is so, well, annoying.
* Behind the unrest in Pakistan.
* 'How Putin played Bush in Kennebunkport.'
* Why evangelicals aren't happy with their Republican choices.
* New film in Japan glorifies kamikaze pilots.
* Heh. Getting corrections to the Nixon library.
* The Explainer: can bartenders tell if you're underage?
* The space odyssey of Danny Boyle.

"Forget genetic engineering. The new idea is synthetic biology, an effort by engineers to rewire the genetic circuitry of living organisms."

Insider info: the top 10 Emmy finalists for drama & comedy series.

The keys to box office gold? Original scripts or comic books. Aw, yeah.

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