PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* Previously: "The shaman is you, Kyle."
* "At first, my story will sound familiar."
* "I took that shot."
* Astral projection! Elderly superhero, with a blog!
* Nice, the writer's dangerous because she doesn't sound threatening or radical. "This woman has to be stopped."
* Yay snarky Diana.
* Librarian! Heh, asking for warrant.
* Oh, hi Heather. "What are the 4400 supposed to do now?"
* "You took that shot for a reason. You wanted something to happen."
* Needs the book! His inner power is telling him to steal.
* Audrey is my favorite senior citizen vigilante.
* Huntington's, ouch.
* DC said no!
* "I'd say she died about an hour ago." Poltergeist!
* Restarting the healing foundation!
* Heh, "...the government's war on promicin."
* "I just want to say, this is really weird."
murdered... murdered... murdered...

* Sending riot squads? Into a crowd of ill people?
* "Signals fade."
* Coded chapter. "That book's a blueprint for how Jordan Collier succeeds."
* She's testing him.
* "This is an illegal assembly!"
* And, healing Megan's dad. "They let this place stay open. They blinked. Let them fire me."
* "It's all about to happen."
* Isabelle's escape! ZOMG
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