PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Whoah. Britain searches for suspects in an thwarted terrorist bombing. And then someone tries to drive a burning car into an airport.

"I finally realized that what had gone wrong in the Nixon White House was a meltdown in personal integrity. Without it, we failed to understand the constitutional limits on presidential power and comply with statutory law."

* The Taliban are on the move in Pakistan.
* China works to support workers' rights, in response to civil unrest.
* "Finally, after nearly six years, the Supreme Court is going to rule on the ultimate question: does the Constitution protect the people detained at Guantanamo Bay?"
* Online social networking for the religious set. I kind of want to go check them out, although I know I would regret it afterwards.
* The Jews for Jesus meet backlash in DC.
* LATimes gives its midsummer box office report card.
* mearls has a simple quiz to see if you'd enjoy the new Transformers movie.
* Movie critic Joel Siegel passed away.

"Mysterious fleeting changes in the appearance of parts of the Moon have been reported by many observers watching with both the naked eye and through telescopes."
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